Electronic Alchemy (TM)
The Morningbird Media Corporation is developing a method for the 3D printing of functional electronics (3De).  This will of revolutionize the way electronics are designed, produced, and implemented in all of technology.  

We are developing the Morningbird Electronic Alchemy™ 3De Printer system for commercial consumption, consisting of a printer, refillable materials cartridges, control software, design software, and a membership driven user development community portal.
The Electronic Alchemy™ system consists of the 3D printer hardware, materials, the layout software, the electronic analysis software, and the printer control code.  The block diagram above describes it graphically.

Consumer Market Adoption Strategy

The Electronic Alchemy™ product is embodied in four segments: (1) the hardware printer, (2) the material cartridges, (3) the design and control software, and (4) the development environment.

  1. The Electronic Alchemy™ 3De Printer ver. 1.x is a multi-material printer capable producing intricately detailed devices that have electronic functionality.  The critical materials needed to produce functional electronics are able to be interchanged from the cartridge holder to the printer head in a smooth fashion, transparent to the designer/user. The 3De printer version 1.x will be sold to consumer market at an attractive price point.

  1. The Electronic Alchemy™ 3De Cartridges provide the various critical materials needed to print functional electronics. Six materials are critical to the printing of functional electronics.  They are: conductive, resistive, insulating, capacitive, p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor.  The EA cartridges will provide refills for these types and other as the product develops.

  1. The Electronic Alchemy™ Design Cauldron ver 1.x is the layout, analysis, and printer control software for PCs, tablets, and other computing platforms.  I will work seamlessly with the hardware components of the system to allow creative design and sharing of designs for a wide variety of devices.

  1. The Electronic Alchemy™ Development Community is a development environment that will allow members to interact and exchange designs.  It will be modeled much after an app store (iTunes or Google Play) where member designs can be sold or given away.  This will help to indoctrinate customers and create a ever-growing community of dedicated users that will help to develop upgrades.

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