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NASA Contracts With Morningbird for 3D Printing of Chemical Sensors


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has contracted with Morningbird Media Corporation to develop 3D printing of chemical sensors. Morningbird is the creator of the Electronic Alchemy eForge. This innovative 3D printing system is the first commercially available device to produce functional 3D electronics. Under the contract issued September 28, 2017, Morningbird will use its 3D printer to advance existing NASA technology. Read More


Morningbird Soon to Unveil Electronic Alchemy Prototype


The team at Morningbird Media Corporation has been working diligently to complete the version 0.2 prototype Electronic Alchemy 3De Printer.  Electronic Alchemy is a 3D printing system that will be the first of its kind to produce functional electronic devices.  Soon toys, games, gadgets, communication devices, drones, sensors, robots, and much more, will be able to be designed by and printed by consumers.  Read More



Morningbird Licenses CO2 Sensor from NASA's Tech Transfer Office


Morningbird Media Corporation recently secured an evaluation license for a novel carbon dioxide sensor from NASA's Technology Transfer Office. The license allows Morningbird to develop the sensor for use with its Electronic Alchemy 3De Printer. Morningbird envisions the creation of a network of CO2 sensors to allow more people to participate in environmental and climate science. Read More



Morningbird Completes STTR Phase I Contract for NASA


Morningbird Media Corporation recently completed a 12-month STTR Phase I contract with NASA.  The contract, (NNX16CM40P) "Development of Additive Manufacturing Techniques for the Production of Electronic Devices," funded the development of the Electronic Alchemy 3De printer prototypes versions 0.1 and 0.2.  Read More



Morningbird Media Collaborates With the AAMU-RISE Foundation to Develop Materials for NASA Project


Morningbird Media Corporation was awarded a Phase I STTR contract from NASA and has entered into an agreement with the Alabama A&M Research, Innovation, Science, and Engineering (AAMU-RISE) Foundation in order to have the foundation provide research support.  The contract, (NNX16CM40P) "Development of Additive Manufacturing Techniques for the Production of Electronic Devices," will enable Morningbird to development materials and processes to 3D print functional electronic devices. Read More


















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