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The Electronic Alchemy  eForge


Currently, there is no available 3D printer or 3D printing technique capable of direct 3D printing of functional electronic devices. The development of this technology has been supported by funding from NASA.


The Morningbird Electronic Alchemy™ eForge consists of a printer, refillable materials cartridges, control software, design software, and a membership-driven user development community portal.



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CREATEwhatever you want.







The Electronic Alchemy™ eForge is embodied in four segments:


·       the hardware printer

·       the material cartridge

·       the design and control software

·       the development environment











The Electronic Alchemy™ eForge is a multi-material printer capable producing intricately detailed devices that have electronic functionality.


The Electronic Alchemy™ eForge Cartridges provide the various critical materials needed to print functional electronics.


The Electronic Alchemy™ eForge Design Cauldron is the layout, analysis, and printer control software for PCs, tablets, and other computing platforms.


The Electronic Alchemy™ eForge Development Community is a development environment that will allow members to interact and exchange designs. 












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